International Workshop

International Conference TOWARD A SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS, Tucson (Arizona) USA, April 12-17, 2010. Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics and Mind. dal 12-04-2010 al 17-04-2010

International workshop: Quantumbionet. The dawn of quantum biology (sept 2011). 30-09-2011

Quantum 2012 : “Advances in Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information with atoms and photons”, 2012,
21-25 maggio 2012

Time Machine Factory 2012 (TM2012) dal 14 al 19 Ottobre 2012;

Key Arguments: Causality in Physics Theoretical framework: the causality principle and its apparent violations, closed timelike curves, and blackholes. Physical aspects: paradoxes, spacetime deformations, wormholes, curvature engines, quantum causality, entanglement, teleportation.

The spacetime machine: travelling from “micro” to “macro” event The beginning of time, holographic principle, causal connections between microscopic and macroscopic properties of time. Entropy and the arrow of time, the emergent properties of gravity.The cosmic censorship and our Universe, hypotheses on the local and global spacetime structures of the Universe. The LHC timemachine.

The VII International workshop “Advances in Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information with atoms and photons” 2014,
dal 26-05-2014 al 31-05-2014

International workshop Time Machine Factory 2015 ( The Time Machine Factory, rassegna internazionale di conferenze tra astrofisici, fisici e matematici sulla possibilità di realizzare viaggi nel tempo)
dal 26-10-2015 al 28-10-2015

International workshop Quantum 2017
dal 07-05-2017 al 13-05-2017

International Workshop Quantum 2019
dal 26-05-2019 al 01-06-2019

The Time Machine Factory [unspeakable, speakable] on Time Travel -TM201923  Sep 2019, 07:00 → 25 Sep 2019

In line with previous editions, the Time Machine Factory 2019 (TM2019) conference focuses on causality and non-locality in physics, and the insurgence of situations where causality can potentially be violated, and how this relates to the existence of “time machines”.